Monday, July 23, 2007

Blue Cheesy

Had to attend a business dinner recently and luckily landed at Mr. Friendly's in the Five Points area of Columbia, SC. Their signature dish is a perfectly cooked filet mignon topped with what they call "French Quarter Pimento Cheese." It is made with blue cheese and roasted red bellpeppers - yummy! The blue cheese was a perfect match for the steak. It was such a rich, luscious dinner that I had to walk back to the hotel!

During dinner, I learned that Clemson University in upstate South Carolina produced some of the best blue cheese - so, obviously, I had to take a road trip! The cheese is only available in the Hendrix Student Center. The cheese is fabulous (as is their ice cream - try the Tiger Rag) but I was surprised that the cheese came with an interesting history. It was originally aged in the Stumphouse Tunnel near Issaqueena Falls.

Guess what I'll be grilling next weekend! I'll let you know how it turns out.

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