Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Artisan Goat Cheese and Fried Pickles

A friendly South Carolina foodie gave me the heads up that there is a goat dairy in the western part of the state that makes amazing artisan goat cheese. I'm planning my quest for this weekend.

Must mention that Southerners do like to fry things...and I had my first fried pickle recently. My gramma taught me how to make homemade sweet and dill pickles (yep, using a crock and changing the brine) and that is the way Terra makes their homemade dill pickles too. But they take it a step further, coating pickle slices in a cornmeal breading, deep frying, and served with a chipolte mayo dip. I admit it took me a couple of glasses of great wine to consent to try a basket of their "bar snack," but it was pretty good. It certainly made for interesting table conversation! Terra's is a friendly place near the Congaree River in West Columbia (100 State Street). They have terrific brick oven pizzas and a dynamic view of downtown Columbia. If you are in the area - try it!

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Gene Brooks said...

Keep the SC food talk coming. I'm trapped up here on the NC/VA line where they don't know what BBQ is.